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Batman IN Smallville Season 11

Batman IN Smallville Season 11

Aug 23, 2012

The event Smallville fans have been waiting for begins.http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/11/116482/2547707-smallville_batman.jpg

  • Umadbreh

    Let me the first to disillusion you. Welcome to the brave new world. Feel the wind of change. This time my friend, the real world is reserved and in fact laid out for Diana as Supermans soulmate. Elseworlds (In this case Smallville comics/Earth One/and whatever comes later) is where they might play around with Lois and/or other characters.

    This is just the beginning though. The “status quo” will be continued in other forms of media. The upcoming Video Games, Animated films and Live action film will all try to maintain this status quo. Man of Steel movie might not initially start with the idea, however, you can be sure that the movie will end on similar note. Hence the mention of Wonder Womans cameo in MOS – and if not – then there will be atleast a reference to her in the film. This will lead up to the Justice League movie that will maintain this development.

    Point is, things change, and this is for the better. Just giving you some insight. Don’t hate what you do not understand. Invest in it sincerely before you judge. Supes would surely do that. 🙂

    • http://soupmedianetwork.com/ta2mti ZodWriter

      The reality is that this new “status quo” isn’t going to last. DC Comics is notorious for making large universe shattering events but then reneging on the results. “The New 52” is a perfect example of the current powers that be cherry picking from previous continuity and then bastardizing things that people loved. It wouldn’t be so difficult to accept if this didn’t feel like a money grabbing gimmick. Changes are fine when they are made for the betterment of the stories. That in not the case here. DC Comics is clearly throwing everything but their kitchen sink at the readers now, just to see how much they can get away with before sales tank and they have to reboot again. The first rule of change is never change for the sake of changes.

      Smallville Season 11 is currently the most recognizable Superman. Bryan Q Miller has been crafting a story that not only respects the rich tapestry of history that is Superman, he is also writing some pretty compelling and top notch material. Unlike The New 52 which has been going through writers and artists like toilet tissue since it began last September Smallville Season 11 has had a consistent team which not only has been staying on the same page, but they have managed to do the very thing The New 52 was created to do which is: SIMPLIFY CONTINUITY! The New 52 is not a complete disaster by any means but being a long time reader of DC Comics it’s clear that the powers that be do not have their road properly paved yet. Which is why at least from this perspective everything feels disjointed. Wonder Woman & Superman have been involved romantically in comics before. Most of the stories involving them being a “couple” are Elseworlds or Alternative Universe tales. You are welcome to believe whatever you wish but that relationship is not something that is going to last. Superman is meant to be with Lois Lane! No reboot or revisionist History project from a few movers and shakers currently working at DC are going to change that. The Wonder Woman/Superman romance is a gimmick to sell books in the here and now.

      DC Comics has no plan so this will fail like many of the other gimmicks in comics history. Long time comic book readers are not going to continue supporting books that defaecate on everything that has made them successful. The backlash is well deserved. This current creative team and champion editor and chief Dan DiDio know that they are on borrowed time. So the idea is to just keep throwing rocks at the walls in hopes of making diamonds. Controversy creates cash. So in the short-term this may net DC a pretty penny? However as a long time comic book fan this like many “big events” in DC is only temporary. The most logical way to look at DC Comics “New 52” is just like another Elseworlds series of books.

  • Jennie Naugler

    Leaping onto the television landscape in Fall 2001, Smallville follows the exploits of a young Clark Kent in the years leading up to his emergence as the beloved Superman. Following a slew of TV renditions of the character’s life since the comic book first appeared, Smallville sets itself apart by focusing on the lesser discussed niche of Clark’s earliest developmental days. Superb casting and consistent writing have combined to make Smallville one of the more popular shows on television (especially in international markets), making the show one of the WB network’s most successful creations to date…

  • MP

    Hello. So, yes it has been more than a year but I finally got around to listening to this show. I assume we’ve all calmed down by now. Do you still want to talk?

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