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Man Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman

Apr 14, 2015

Man Seeking Woman title card

This episode is a look back at the FX original series Man Seeking Woman.

Naive 20-something Josh Greenberg is in search of love. Things aren’t exactly in his favor to find his ideal mate — for he has a bad job and apartment and is afraid to approach women. But his best-friend/confidant Mike — his polar opposite — is a cool, confident bro with an expense account. Mike is also the proverbial devil on his buddy’s shoulder, pushing him to engage in activities like sex and drugs. Also in Josh’s life are his sister Liz, a corporate lawyer who wants him to get his act together, and ex-girlfriend Maggie, for whom he still longs — despite her leaving their four-year relationship. The series stars comedian Jay Baruchel.

Victoria Ruiner and I will spoil this season at length so if you have not seen it, you might want to watch the 10 episodes prior to hearing this show.

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